SEDITEC - Solving the most pertinent problems.
Various indicators highlight the pertinence of a technology that enables better reuse or treatment of dredging spoil. So do various areas of the economy. This subject is not restricted to a specific region, but crops up all over the world with varying topicality and severity. The promising development potential of sedimentation technology is based on the following foundations.

Commodity Economy

The global commodity economy.

The boom in international commercial shipping.

Ever larger bulk cargoes.

The increasing necessity of maintenance dredging.

Limestone quarry

Global raw materials management.

Increasing scarcity of resources.

Intensified exploitation of nature.

Dredging spoil as an as yet untapped resource.

Limestone quarry

Global waste management.

Ever more waste, dwindling disposal facilities.

High consequential costs.

The lack of an integrated, sustainable disposal solution.

Limestone quarry

Society as a whole

Negative impact on the natural foundations of life.

Consequential effects on flora and fauna.

Adverse effects on food quality and quality of life.