The global challenges of the 21st century, (economical) development and sustainability can only be overcome with a harmonised, integrated approach. SEDITEC system technology is integrated environmental technology, and responds to these requirements in a spirit of innovation. Resources are tapped and simultaneously protected – with maximum energy efficiency, with respect for the environment.

The source material, dredging spoil, denotes a multi-facetted problem area that is becoming increasingly pertinent the world over. This resource - dredging spoil or harbour silt - is today regarded as a problem material, and represents a challenge for owners charged with its disposal.

Dredging spoilraw materials content

The paradox: this seemingly problematic material is an enormous, natural store of resources - if it were only possible to separate the different crystalline fractions from the sediment. SEDITEC can do this. To the very highest quality.

SEDITEC turns current thinking on the reuse of crystalline solids on its head. We are the first supplier, which means we have created a completely new market and are therefore the “market leader” in this field.

We have created a sustainable business area with excellent prospects and a solid and lasting foundation, which focuses on influencing material and energy flows ecologically and economically (Energy and material flow management).

Our patented system technology is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute as operationally reliable, and is institutionally desirable. The planning of an ideal typical location is now complete. SEDITEC is ready to kick off.