Superior quality finished material - obtained from a natural source.
SEDITEC products are based on input material from coastal areas, estuaries and river beds. The latter convey suspended organic and inorganic material from their source to the estuary, where the slower flow causes it to settle or form sediment, which needs removing by dredgers.

The crystalline freight contains a cross-section of minerals from the geological landscape through which it has travelled. This cross-section includes feldspar and quartz sand, for example, and also “heavy minerals” and even some raw materials characterised as “rare earth elements”. Crushed and ground by nature, the result is a wealth of natural materials, which determine SEDITEC’s product range.

The SEDITEC product range includes both primary and intermediate products - which we supply to processing industries - and ready-to-use end products. For all its product lines, SEDITEC can react flexibly to customer requirements. Production is customised to the highest level of refinement.

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