Global questions need flexible answers.
Unlike current approaches to the treatment of dredging spoil, SEDITEC technology guarantees that almost 100% of the dredged material is reused.
In this way, SEDITEC is tapping a previously untouched store of resources to create a range of high-quality products for further processing in a variety of industries.

The technology’s three-unit structure, in itself, enables efficient cultivation of the market. Flexibility and cost efficiency is ensured by UNIT III, which is mobile and therefore suitable for operation in different locations.

The system is based on techniques and equipment that have proven themselves suitable for mass production in life tests. Process expertise is the innovator behind SEDITEC’s approach.

Hot environmental topics

Unit I

Settling, classifying and transfer system

Flushing lake

Exploiting natural sedimentation processes.


Unit II

Sand recovery system

Modular design

Potential for flexible use


Unit III

Coastal treatment station

Floating mobile unit

Suitable for various applications, worldwide sphere of action