Technological Synergies

Natural output, natural input.
The resources required to operate our systems should be obtained through the use of renewable energy and desalination. By exploiting these synergies, we ensure maximum economical efficiency - while protecting the environment.

With these ideal docking points for resource-sparing technology, SEDITEC is currently developing an integrated technological model with exemplary sustainability.

SEDITEC therefore boasts extraordinary territorial flexibility. We offer the capacity for self-sufficiency and operability even in emerging nations with an under-developed infrastructure - anywhere in the world where the use of sedimentation technology is necessary.

Wind power

Wind power resources.

Basic energy requirements can be covered by wind turbines.

SEDITEC sites are wind-intensive.

Optimised energy/environmental figures and guaranteed flexibility.

Water treatment

Water treatment.

Freshwater, an increasingly scarce resource.

Process water = freshwater. For a self-sufficient supply.

Produced by the wind-powered desalination of seawater.